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Building your own solution is now within reach with the fully integrated Aplinx® Fusion technology. Extra packages may be added on, making the site as function packed as you require.

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Think of all the ways in which you have ever viewed or edited a website before. Have you ever wondered why no-one has invented a user friendly system for Content Management? We have. The CMS you're after is called Aplinx®, created by Netagi for Business and Government users world wide.

This product allows you to manage your website, products, registered users / memberships, email-marketing and much much more. Aplinx® cuts out the middle man, handing you the reigns, so you can manage all of this without that great hurdle of time, money and extra staff members. The Aplinx® Content Management System puts you back in control. Sign up to try our demo now!


Free E-Mail Marketing

OnlineSplash, an Aplinx reseller, is proud to introduce epostie, the free e-mail marketing tool for your business.

To find out more, visit www.epostie.com


What's New? The latest feature in Aplinx® is the FAQ generator. Check it out online now on our Products page or try it yourself in our free demo.

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